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Boarding/Daycare Requirements


Besides being spayed/neutered, itís required that each dog be current on his/her rabies vaccination.  Since studies have shown that people are getting more away from over-vaccinating their dogs, rabies is the only one that I require.  I believe that a lot of the health problems today in dogs is due to the amount of toxins that we are injecting into their bodies each year.  After all, as humans, when was the last time that you received a preventative vaccine? 

Bordetella, commonly known as kennel cough is a vaccine that shelters use frequently for dogs that come in from unknown environments.  Itís similar to the flu shot in that there are over 30 strains of kennel cough, but the vaccine is good for 2-4 of them.  Having your pet vaccinated for bordatella is completely optional at Critter Sitters for those reasons. Because of the research we have done, we are the only kennel in the area who does not require this vaccine.  Due to our strict cleaning protocol and the quality of dogs accepted at Critter Sitters, we have never had a documented case of Kennel Cough in 15 years of being in business.  Frequent Kennel Cough outbreaks at kennels is NOT normal and should be considered a red flag.  If you do feel more comfortable having your pet vaccinated against kennel cough, please be sure that itís done at least 10 days prior to your visit as thatís how long it takes the vaccine to be effective.  Please let me know prior to your visit if you are training or frequenting at area kennels who have regular Kennel Cough outbreaks so I can plan accordingly.


Everyone is required to bring their own food.  Regardless of the brand, it is more important to keep dogs on the same food while theyíre boarding than switch them for a short period of time, and then switch them back.  I do not sell food at Critter Sitters, so that means that I do not push a certain food for you to buy.  If you want advice on what I believe to be a good food, please ask.


It is impossible to evaluate how a dog is going to do with boarding with just a few hours Ďtestí so I do not believe in charging clients for evaluations that are pointless. There are certain dogs that require a little more settling in time and I believe the majority of problems can be avoided with a proper Ďintroductioní between the dogs who are currently boarding, and a new dog coming in. You are welcome to come and I will let you know at the end of your first visit if your pet is allowed to come back. However, due to the ongoing property damage and injuries to myself incurred by large breed dogs that are not taken to obedience classes, all large breed dogs (those that will grow to be over 70 pounds) under two years old must show proof of obedience classes. There will be NO exceptions. Training at home only helps your pet behave WHEN HE'S AT HOME, whereas obedience classes teach them they have to behave in all situations with all people. (Dogs over two years old are at my discretion.) Please contact me for recommendations of terrific classes in our area.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!


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