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In 1997, Lisa Martin attended Lakeshore Technical College and became a certified groomer.  Schooling did not even begin to teach how to groom the hundreds of dogs that are out there, so for the first year, Lisa  offered to groom each clients dog for free in order to gain experience in the various breeds.  Since then, the prices have been $15.00 for every breed and that price (along with the price of boarding) has never changed, never increased. Grooming appointments are available by appointment during very flexible hours. 


Lisa Martin attends Superzoo Trade Show in Las Vegas every year to receive the most up to date information on techniques and products.  Her 12 years of experience in rescue has given her the patience to deal with even the most difficult or scared pets, many of which have been turned away by other groomers not experienced enough to handle them.  Her grooming techniques and specially designed drying areas provide the safest, most relaxing atmosphere for grooming.  Complete hand drying is a very long, stressful and invasive process for a dog. Here, safe and secure cage drying takes less time and less stress for your dog! 

With the most reasonable price within the tri-county area, Lisa is famous for providing even farm dogs with a nice fresh groom!  At Critter Sitters, there is no excuse why you shouldnít have a well-groomed dog at a reasonable price.

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Daycare & Overnight Boarding


Critter Sitters was the first boarding facility in the area to provide guests with an Ďopen conceptí for boarding.  In 1995, it was unheard of to have groups of unrelated dogs playing together in harmony.  At the time Critter Sitters was started, the only other alternative to pet care was the traditional kennel where dogs were warehoused in a humane society environment.  Sadly, there are still some dogs who havenít experienced open boarding and are still kenneled 24 hours at those traditional kennels.  Through WI Sheltie Rescue, Lisa has placed over 750 lost or unwanted shelties in permanent loving homes, so she is very familiar with all personalities of dogs with issues and has the patience to work with them to make their boarding experience as stress-free as possible.


Critter Sitters is a kennel free environment, but your dog might be crated for short periods of time during his/her visit to insure safe meal times. For young dogs whose energy level is conducive to causing damage, they might
also be crated for sleep time.  This is to provide them much needed down-time as well as give Lisa a break!  Think about if your two year old child went all day without a nap!  Dogs are the same way and need scheduled
downtime to refuel.  For the remainder of their stay, your dogs will be playing in a 2400 square foot specially designed play arena or outside in a Ĺ acre securely fenced grassy play yard, complete with swimming pools, large sunning decks and unlimited toys.  Indoors is complete with central air conditioning.  Many kennels offer a 'climate controlled' environment'.  That sometimes means fans or ventilation moving the existing air around.
Critter Sitters is equipped with state of the art central air conditioning allowing the dogs maximum comfort on those hot summer days.

Don't be fooled by kennels that advertise a "crate free" environment.  Crates provide a safe way for pets to eat individually and sleep comfortably.  At Critter Sitters, if your pet is not accustomed to being crated, arrangements are made for your pet to be in the house or loose in his own area.  At most places, you'll find that "crate free" means a small confined wood box-like structure that does not allow your dog to see what's going around in his surroundings.  This causes unnecessary anxiety and stress.  The dogs that stay here can always see other dogs and interact with them so that they do not feel that they are isolated by themselves in a box.


At Critter Sitters, we do not offer training classes.  We enforce manners that are already in place, but we donít teach them.  Manners and obedience training is something that should be done by the owner, for the owner and the dog.  Itís a bonding experience between dog and owner, to make the pet better suited to life indoors as part of the family.   Dogs are here to play!

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Cat Boarding


Critter Sitters has recently added these deluxe cat condos for their feline customers!  Cats get to enjoy four levels of sleeping, litterbox area and eating while being entertained in the Critter Sitters reception area.  You won't find anything like it and your cats will beg to come back!

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Boarding Requirements




Pet-sitting in YOUR home


There are certain times where pets are better off left in their own home.  For that reason, Martin also offers a pet-sitting service in your home.  Cats are almost always more comfortable at home. For those people who work a long day and just want their pets let out during the day, that service is available as well.



  Doggie Daycare is $7.00 per day.

  Dog boarding is $15 per night (2nd dog is $10.) **multi-pet discount does not apply to holiday stays.

  Cat boarding is $5 per night

  Pet-sitting is $7.00 per visit per species

  Grooming prices include tax.

Bath & nails - $15. 

Full service grooming for regular clients - $22 (at least once per quarter or multiple pets at one time). 

Full service grooming for infrequent clients - $25 (less than four times per year for a single pet). 

Full service shave down for yearly visit - $30. 

Cat Shave - $22. 

Nails, Face/paw trim (no bath) - $8.

Anal glands - $10.

Nails only - $5.

All full service groomings include nails, bath, dry, bows/bandanna and cologne!!

  At Critter Sitters, there are NEVER any additional hidden charges.  There are no play time fees, medication fees, or special needs fees.  You will also never be charged for two services at the same time.  For example, you won't be charged for daycare, if your dog has a grooming appointment that day.

  Hours are by appointment only and pick up and drop off times are very flexible.

Payment is due when you pick up your pet.  At Critter Sitters, you never pay for services before they are rendered.


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